Maximising impact and learning outcomes at Club Correze

There is no doubt that your young people will have fun at Club Correze, whatever activities they take part in.

However as LOtC Quality Badge holders, we believe that your residential at Club Correze can have numerous benefits to the education and personal development of young people, and that these can be maximised by taking time to consider what you would like to achieve and planning the programme with your objectives in mind.

The impact of residential experiences for young people can include:

  • Personal development and character outcomes such as resilience, self-confidence, leadership, communication & problem solving.
  • Social, moral, cultural & spiritual development (SMCS) outcomes such as learning about & experiencing a different culture, learning a new language and meeting people from a different social environment to their own day to day lives.
  • Physical & mental health benefits: taking part in activities in outdoors results in a sense of awe wonder and an appreciation the natural environment. Young people often discover new interests and passions which can result in a long-term interest in healthy physical recreation activities.
  • Improved relationships with their peers and their teachers, which can have a transformational impact back at school.
  • Improved engagement in and attitudes to learning. Young people will learn in new ways and learn to take managed risks, bounce back from failure and overcome their fears – skills they will take back to school.
  • Improved academic achievement: all of the above outcomes will help raise achievement but we can also provide memorable subject specific learning opportunities – for example geography, history and modern languages which will improve subject knowledge and help pupils become more engaged in their learning back at school.

To learn more about the evidence about the impacts of residential experiences visit


Activities and learning outcomes.

Club Correze is a small, family run activity centre so we are able to really get to know your group and tailor your programme to meet the educational and developmental needs of your young people.

To help us to do this most effectively we ask that you let us know which learning outcomes are most important to focus on for your group, based on their needs, backgrounds and previous experiences.

To help you tailor your programme to get the most benefit for your young people we have identified which activities are best for achieving which objectives. Please refer to the following chart when planning your programme & requesting activities.


Personal development outcomes

Communication/Social SkillsResilience & learning behavioursTeamworkProblem solvingConfidence & self-esteemLeadershipSelf-reliance
Stream Scramble
Treasure hunt
Team sports
Rambo Ramble
High ropes
Initiative games
Flag game
Rifle Shooting

Physical & Mental Health

Learning a skill & developing new interestsAwe & wonderAppreciation of the natural environmentSilence of Solitude
Climbing, Sailing, Canoeing , Kayaking, Fencing, Archery, Rifle Shotting
Stream Scramble activity in the Dordogne
Sailing, Kayaking
Orienteering, Stream Scramble, Sailing

Social, Moral, Cultural & Spiritual Outcomes (SMCS) & Citizenship

Cultural AwarenessSpiritual awarenessDisability awarenessEnvironmental Education
Treasure Hunt evening activity in Meymac
Stream Scramble activity in the Dordogne
Learning about the people around them and their differing beliefs and values at dinner
Working with peers who have physical or mental disabilities during an activity

Knowledge of the world & curriculum links

GeographyHistoryModern languagesEnvironmental Education
Treasure Hunt evening activity in Meymac
Day visit to Vulcania
Day excursion to Padirac (caves)
Explore the medival town of Rocamadour

We hope that this page has provided an insight into the many learning outcomes that can be achieved during a groups programme at Club Correze, both through the physical activities and the residential experience.  If there are specific outcomes that you hope for your group to achieve, please discuss them with us as we believe that young people should have the opportunity to experience everything that is possible to them and that nothing is impossible to those who embrace the experiences open to them.


Club Correze is a member of the CLOtC (Council for Learning Outside the Classroom) and a LOtC Quality and Adventure mark holder.  The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom is the national voice for learning outside the classroom.  They believe that every young person (0-19 years) should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age ability or circumstances.  You can learn more about the CLOtC by visiting their website


Club Correze is a member of the Institute of Outdoor Learning (IOL), an organisation who supports individuals and organises who use the outdoors to make a difference for others. – See more at –