CLUB CORREZE programmes are designed to introduce young people to an array of exciting new experiences. These new experiences can reveal and stimulate hidden skills and aptitudes and provide essential elements for each child’s personal development.

For many it may be the first time away from home.  CLUB CORREZE offers a warm and reassuringly safe environment for the development of social skills. Fellowship and teamship are developed and encouraged between the children and their group and activity leaders.  The children do not need any previous experience to take part and enjoy our activities.  Our staff are able and happy to instruct children of any level of competence from novice to proficient.

*  Travelling to a new destination

*  Exposure to a different culture

*  Learning and putting modern language to use

*  Initiation to new and exciting activities

All these combine and form an immensely stimulating, challenging and memorable experience, essential for the benefit of any child’s personal development.